DLL Introduction

Dynamic Link Library (Dynamic Link Library, or Dynamic-link library, abbreviated as DLL), also known as dynamic link library, Microsoft Corp. in the Microsoft Windows operating system implement the concept of shared libraries to make a real way . These media cabinet functions of file names are. DLL,. OCX (includes ActiveX controls the media cabinet) or. DRV (the old system drivers).
The so-called dynamic links, that is often shared some code (static link library for OBJ) production into a DLL file, when the executable file inside the call to the DLL file function, windows operating system will load the DLL file memory in vivo, DLL file is an executable file structure itself, when the program was to link the demand function. Way through a dynamic link, memory, and waste situation can be greatly reduced.
DLL file format, like with the Windows EXE files - that is, equivalent to 32-bit Windows executable file that can be transplanted (PE) and 16-bit Windows in New Executable (NE). A EXE format, DLL can include code, information and resources to a variety of combinations.
In a broader sense, any of the information the same file format documents are can be called resource DLL. Examples of such a DLL extension ICL are icons for the media cabinet, the file name of the font files FON and FOT.

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